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Limited Edition T-shirts - Limited no more!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

I really enjoyed working on this project for Single By Sunday, a pop-punk band out of Scotland, and frankly my most energetic and colorful client! I'd been wanting to design animated characters of them for some time, and it finally got to happen!

Each "baby" has custom detailing; Josh with his microphone belting out a tune, Jonny with a padlock on his bib, James with his drum, and Jack has his soup and spoon...

*Photos borrowed from the Single By Sunday Instagram...

The band originally planned to use the graphic on a limited edition run of just 100 of these T-shirts, only available for pick up at venues by fans with tickets for their upcoming UK tour, but the fans have spoken! Demand for the shirts was overwhelming and fans world-wide were asking to purchase the shirts.

Just one day after the announcement of the limited edition run, the band posted on their social media accounts, "Due to the popular demand we have decided to put these t-shirts up and are now available for everyone to purchase! Head to to order yours now!"

I know I'll be stalking my mailbox waiting for mine to arrive!


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