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Color-Coded Pop/Punk Logo

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Here's my newest logo artwork; a text and/or graphic logo combination for Single By Sunday, a pop/punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band consists of four young men, Josh, Jonny, Jorge and Jack, and they have built their brand around their brightly colored hair.

The logo began with a photograph of the band seated on a couch. Simple enough, right?

I used Adobe Photoshop to crop each "head" from the photo, then ran a live trace of the head with Adobe Illustrator to create the head silhouette. With a little tweaking of the threshold settings, I was able to achieve the effect I wanted fairly quickly. Then I had to simply clean up the stray anchors.

Wait- If you have a keen eye and are paying attention, you might be noticing that Jonny's hair and glasses in the final logo are different than in the couch photo. We decided to spike Jonny's hair and replace his normal (read: boring) sunglasses with his (quickly becoming his trademark) recognizable round shaped shades.

Choosing a fun and edgy font for the text logo was next. The band was using the Eszett (German B) for the "B" in their name. This symbol isn't included in many font sets, unfortunately, but manually adjusting the vector version of the letter to round off the top corner and add the descender did the trick.

As the logo was nearing completion, I connected with the band and their management via SnapChat and we discussed a few final tiny tweaks, sending screen shots back and forth. The time zone difference was a small hurdle. We finished up at sometime around 11pm my time, which was 4am in Scotland!

I prepared a full package of graphics and sent them to the band via Dropbox and they had them instantly. The package included just about any variation one could ask for to make printing and promotion easy. There was a horizontal heads logo, and a square heads logo, there were "Single By Sunday" and "SBS" text-only logos and several combinations of text and heads. The text logos were provided in black and in white for flexibility.

What about file types, you ask? I provided all of the graphics in as many file types as potentially needed. I included .jpg files with white backgrounds, .png files with transparent backgrounds, and original .ai files, as well, to be ready for printing larger formats, such as stage banners.

Stay tuned... there's more in store for the Single By Sunday crew coming soon!



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