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Digitizing art for Embroidery

The finished embroidery

Every now and again, I get to do something special for a friend or family member. I was happy to help out on this special project!

Each year, my niece's elementary school gives the graduating class an embroidered fleece blanket with a paw print and some lettering on it. This year, they went with a new vendor for the blankets, so it was the perfect opportunity to update the embroidery.

I was provided with a photograph of the school mascot, Spike, who is painted on one of the walls in the school. From there, I drew the image into Illustrator and created a vector image that was submitted to the embroidery company for stitching.

The painting of Spike at Blue Creek Elementary School

The company, Val's Sporting Goods, was able to use the vector images to create the embroidered blankets in the school colors. The finished blankets were nice and thick and cozy, and the final stitching looks amazing!

These blankets will hold a lot of special memories for these children for many years to come.


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