Who are these guys?

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

If I had a nickle for how many times I've heard people in the crowd at gigs or music festivals ask that question... $$$$

Tell them who you are with a stage banner!

Vector images can be enlarged to mega-sizes because vector images are based on mathematical ratios, not pixels!

Go big and make your band a stage banner and start spreading your brand image every time you gig! Your audience will remember your logo and recognize your social media pages and website easily, and will know which table to approach to purchase all of your amazing music and matching merch!

Banners are now surprisingly affordable, so even start-ups can afford a quality piece. They are available in a variety fabrics or weights of vinyl (for outdoor use; think rain) and they can be ordered with or without reinforcing grommets to mount them with.

Would you like a stage banner for your next gig, tour, or meet-and-greet? Contact us to connect and discuss your project.

(Pssst - Banners are great for small businesses, too! They are perfect for construction job sites, hiring fairs and trade shows, and large scale signage.)


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