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Check out what clients and partners have said about Track 4 Visual Arts and lead designer, Delia M. Hubbard!

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"Undoubtedly Delia is a professional that takes her work/customer care seriously."

 Kendell Smith, #TeamSBS
KSM Promotions

"Thank you for the great pics... Captured  the spirit of the show last Saturday"

Shilelagh Law

"Delia is an extraordinary photographer who is easy to work with."

Jewelry By Bella

"Awesome photography.  Absolutely breathtaking."

T. R.

"I knew that we would get something awesome!"

K. H. Kessler

"Your photos are absolutely amazing! I'm more impressed with the shots every time!!"

R. A. Hazelton

"​Undoubtedly Delia is a professional that takes her work/customer care seriously. Having created a fantastic logo for the band, she also went as far as to ensure that we had all of the files needed to provide additional promotion and even though we live on opposite sides of the world, as best as she could, she would always work within a realistic time frame. In terms of her costs, I know a lot of business/artists that could learn a lot from Delia; not only did we get value for money but we continue to get quality for money."

Kendell Smith, #TeamSBS

KSM Promotions



"Delia amazes me every day with the commitment she shows to her work, her family, and her studies. She manages to always get things done in advance and she does this with a creative flair that is much appreciated by me.  Delia is professional, energetic, and a pleasure to work with.  She always goes the extra mile for whatever needs to be done.  Her enthusiasm is much appreciated, as well as her sense of humor!"

"Delia is a very creative and "out of the box" thinker.   She takes the interest and the initiative to bring new ideas to the table.  Her knowledge of social networks and databases has added to our marketing efforts this past year."

Paula Hayes

"She goes the extra mile to get the job done, and usually it's done faster than expected."

"I have found Ms. Hubbard to be an exceptionally fast learner, especially in the area of technology skills. Her technical skills are well rounded with soft skills that provide her with an excellent capacity for interpersonal communications, and an aptitude for both technical and prose writing." 

R. B. Mitchell


"Delia is an extraordinary photographer who is easy to work with. Her photography contributed greatly to the professional representation of my creative works."
Jewelry by Bella


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