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Portfolio of Selected student Works

Master of arts   //   visual communication design

Graduate with Distinction

liberty university

lynchburg, va

Mock Tour Magazine 

Course: Publication Design

This 36-page magazine was created as a mock tour magazine recapping the first four years of Scotland-based Pop-Punk band Single By Sunday.  

While the band may be real, and the "heads" logo existing prior to this course, having been created by me a few short years earlier, the rest of this magazine was created entirely for this course.  


The articles, lyric art pages, band-member bio pages, and merchandise mock ups are all original for this project. 


I particularly enjoyed creating the infographic-style timeline spreads.  Click on the PDF icon below to download the full production proof of the magazine.

Click PDF icon to Download
the full magazine proof
Mock Magazine Cover
Inner article spread
Inner Infographic Timeline Spread
Bandmember Bio Page

Isometric Illustration of a Phrase

Course: Vector Illustration

The goal of this project was to illustrate a short phrase or word in the isometric style.  

Following the methods of Von Glitschka and his recorded actions for creating isometric designs, I was able envision the various parts of the scene in their flat components and run the action to turn them to their proper angles.


I used a variety of transparency modes and layer styles to create this cut away ocean scene representing the verses in Mark 4: 35-41, where Jesus calms the storm.



Illustrated Letterform

Course: Vector Illustration

This project involved illustrating a letter from a given set of font choices.

I chose the letter M in the font Cubano. 


As there were no other "rules" to follow, I decided to see how many "m" words I could work into my illustration; 

  • Moose

  • Marsh

  • Maple

  • Maine

  • Map 

  • Morning

  • Meadow

  • Mist



Full Color Storyboard, 3-character design

Course: character design

The image shown at right is the final scene from my Character Design course. This course involved full character development of a main character and two supporting characters, a storyboard design, and script composition.

The brief synopsis is that three sisters (a baker, a techy-geek, and a librarian) who have busy lives decide to try to relax and spend some time fishing together.  A little bit of calamity and some cartoon humor ensues, but in the end, the ladies have a great time and only one actually catches a fish.


themed set of posters 

Course: digital imaging

This set of four 11"x17" posters was digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop, and is loosely based on the verses in Ephesians, chapter 6 relating to the armor of God.​ There is further personal symbolism in the sunflowers, and I used my daughter to pose as a positional reference.

The blade of the sword is engraved with text that reads "Love One Another" in Hebrew, and is emitting a glow, as is the stone in the hilt of the sword.

Sword Of the Spirit.jpg
Armor Removed.jpg

Website and mobile app interface design

Course: interactive design

In this course I designed a website and matching mobile app.  The two projects were wireframed and prototyped on Invision. 

You can try out the prototype of the imaginary website,

Capital District Feeds N Needs, which would connect the hungry to food resources in their area, volunteers with food pantries who need help, or people with donations with food pantries in need of donations. 


To test out the prototype website, click this link

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