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Who Doesn't Love Sprinkles?!

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

I have a the most talented sister who bakes delicious goodies and is a wiz with frosting. I was so excited when I learned that she was starting her own small bake shop operating out of a restaurant in our town. She chose the font for the logo and knew she wanted either chocolate brown with pink or minty green.

I mocked up two versions of this logo, one in each color, and she decided on the green. The badge-style icon is a perfect fit for her social media avatars, and the ruffled edge is reminiscent of a cupcake wrapper. The three hearts on each side represent sprinkles and are a tribute to her three beautiful, smart and sassy children.

She had circular decals printed with the logo to seal her cake boxes, and featured the logo on signage, business cards, and her website.


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